+Seraphim (seraphimsigrist) wrote,


Two photos from Point Lookout.
The first of a gull...


but also may I share a bit of thought about philosophy and the world and
that sort of thing? The scientific description of the world, of things
that exist, has no minus numbers but goes from just above the zero of
nonexistence. But our sense of value includes minus numbers(evil). how to
harmonize these? is the problem in our perception? is the negative just
the absence of the positive ? etc.

This seems to me to be well said by William Ralph Inge in his "Plotinus":
"the two hierarchies of value and existence are so deeply involved in the
constitution of the soul that they cannot be explained and accounted for as
from an outside standpoint.Rather they are the foundations on which
philosophy has to build."
George Russell (A.E.) said of Plotinus that his words mount higher and higher
like a flight of great sea birds...rising towards The Supreme. maybe our
photo could represent that a little though it is but a common gull...

But as a second from Point Lookout maybe the context of the first:
as the scale of existence is context of the scale of ascending value?


I dont know probably doesnt fit but rather like the simple bit of thought
on the one hand and the images on the other so here they are...
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