+Seraphim (seraphimsigrist) wrote,

Path to Kailas (some reflections)

This is sort of the painting 'The Path to Kailas' from the Roerich
Museum visited saturday night for Julain Lowenfeld's Pushkin reading.
I say sort of because it is cropped and has reflections from the
frame which change things a little... the whole is as in this
this is a painting I have long liked perhaps because of its suggestion
of two realities , the one of the ascending path with buildings in a
world of green and the second of the mountains which seem an abstraction,
an ideal world hardly accessible except as an intuition.
but now we add one more thing the reflected frames of paintings on the
other side of the gallery suggesting that even beyond our orderly
division of actual phenomenal world and ideal world, there are
other considerations... gate beyond gate...world upon world.

I have been thinking that the Platonic idea of plenitude...that
everything that can be conceived must exist and on another hand of
Russian Orthodox philosopher Simeon Frank's emphasis that that which
is not God is also in some sense within God... things that are and
things that are not. the reality of what seems 'nothing'...

two reasons for these thoughts maybe 1) my upcoming lecture on Merton
and 'nothing' on Saturday. and 2) my congestion in the head is breaking
up and I am sneezing and feeling like I have the cold I had thought I
was holding off. that perhaps will set the brain adrift a little.

But anyway that when we might think well this universe is a reflection
of the mind of God (using theological language, if it is not yours
then translate it...surely any good language must have a way to
express this) we come to see that even beyond that there is that
which it seems is not and yet finally is...

does not st paul say that God has chosen the things that are not to put
in their place the things that are?

and Merton's words "“What was fragile has become powerful. I loved what
was most frail. I looked upon what was nothing. I touched what was
without substance, and within what was not, I am.”

anyway this picture...

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