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1.This is just a photo from the car passing the George Washington
bridge which is lit up for the Super Bowl.

2.Friday night at St Vladimir's Fr John McGuckin received an
honorary doctorate and he spoke on the work of theologian Vladimir
Lossky and suggested that there is no theologian (whether the valuable
work of Lossky or that of Bulgakov or whoever be considered) whose
work need be ,or perhaps ought be, determinative for a future theology.

3.Yesterday at Corpus Christi I spoke on apophatic theology
(wittgenstein put the principle of that concisely in his 'concerning
that wherof one cannot speak ,thereof one ought remain silent.')
in Merton.
gyate gyate paragyate parasamgyate bodhi svaha as an old text says
meaning approximatley... going gone beyond gone utterly beyond into
the morning of all beyond words.

4.great pleasure of meeting there art historian Joseph Masheck
who has written on among other things the black paintings of
Ad Reinhardt.
thanks to Brenda Faraday of the Merton Society and all who make this
series possible. John McGuckin in May.

5. new edition of Robert Lax poems(1962-1997) from Judy Emery.

6.This evening super bowl party at Frank and Adrienne Dobbs'.

" the air
and the dream;

the dream
and the air:

the flow
of the dream;

the flow
of the air.

Robert Lax."

Today these
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The bridge looks like a stained glass church window.
Have a good time at the party!
perhaps one could have a line of a poem be
something like "night is a a stained glass window
seen from within a darkened church."
That is beautiful. Thank you.
I have not met Fr. John in person, but I was present at a funeral at SVS where he gave the eulogy. For that eulogy alone, I bless him.
His "Westminster Handbooks" on Patristics and Origen (respectively) saved my hide on more than one occasion while studying at SVS. For these I also bless him.