+Seraphim (seraphimsigrist) wrote,

A snowy day perhaps about the last for a while at least...
a bit of a miscellany to share.
1. photo is a detail of a photo I I took at Caramoor art
center in Katonah;
2.saw the dark matter show at the planaterium yesterday. for first
time the concept took hold in my brain that the expanding universe
has no center because it is a surface which expands as a whole like
a balloon. there are aspects that I do not fully grasp however.
to say the least.
3.G.K.Chesterton early story 'The Coloured Land' is a parable, read now,
about a boy who finds the colors of his world drab and is given the gift
of seeing the world in single pure colors, all blue,all red or all green
etc, and then to mix and paint the world in colors of his choice and then
that this is in effect the process by which (he himself) created the
colors of his world as he knows it and the gift of knowing what few
people know that he has colored his own world.
4. this from life of Anskar I came on this "Were I worthy of such a favour
from my God as to work miracles, 1 would ask that he would grant to me
this one miracle, that by His grace He would make of me a good man."
today just these
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