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This starts from thinking about Jesus on Saturday between his life
and the Resurrection. will give a Bible study on it next Tuesday.
Boris Pasternak "they cast me into such a void that even before
my Resurrection I attained my full stature."
or as the hymn says "The Great Moses mystically foretold this day
when he said,'God blessed the seventh day' THIS is the Great Sabbath..."
well... but I get sidetracked and think of... Preidu Annwn

below hear it read in beautiful Welsh. translation links after
a few notes

1, This is a medieval text in the Book of Taliessin which perhaps
goes back to about the year 900 or earlier. the speaking voice
seems to be Taliessin ,who is the bard of King Arthur and also who
is the eternal spirit of poetry present at the beginning of all
things and on earth until the day of doom.
so much is clear ,if that is clear.

2.also that Arthur with some men including Taliessin travels to the
land of death on a quest. beyond that little is clear at all but
there is a mystery and power to the words.

3.It seems they are seeking a mysterious cauldron , or chalice,
a kind of Grail?
and perhaps to free a prisoner, Gweir ap Nab, in the castle
of glass.

4.three boatloads of men go down but only seven return. it is not
clear what disaster overtook them leading to that loss of all
the others.

5.these things are beyond the understanding of limited people
and of monks who are scorned in the last stanzas. I think of Jan
Perkins being told by an Irish farmer puffing his pipe that
stories of the faeries would mean little unless the hearer had

6.Here are translations:
which is easier to follow maybe but this one is also interesting:

and has the welsh on the left which you might read as you listen to
it on this video.

7.Alice hearing the Jabberwock poem says that it suggests all sorts
of things to her mind but she is not quite sure what those things
are.reading and hearing this, do you feel that?

If you do and if you find it yet worthwhile then you and I share a
certain sense ...and this anyway today...

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