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Yesterday at meeting of Transfiguration friends we read the
cycle of poem and prayer "Glory to God For all things!" composed
in a communist death camp as rendered by Frank Dobbs.

Tomorrow is Passover and greeting to all who will be at a sedar.
Ben Zoma was one of four who it is said entered the garden of
innermost knowledge, he also enters the sedar as one of the rabbis
who talked through the night until dawn came , speaking in that
night of everything that is or has been or shall be...

We went ,after considering the history of the 'akathist' form in
which what we had read had been composed, to the Indian restaurant
Banjara. Just four (of I think 13) participants in the photo...
the flow of talk included these topics I remember as raised by
each of the four.

Dave Matthews on the left spoke of the paradoxical age differences
between two twins one of whom travelled to alpha centauri at the
speed of light while the other remained at home. Frank Dobbs to
the right remarked that every person is both rich and poor and so
the problem of addressing in society wealth and poverty is
endlessly confounding. Frank Purcell remembered Juan Soles a Catalan
priest we knew who had early refused the fast track of ecclesial promotion
choosing instead to serve in prisons and at altars of Russian Catholics.
Jan Perkins spoke of his acquaintance with Joseph Campbell and of Lord
Shiva visiting ascetics and being asked by one who was dancing how long
until he was full of enlightenment,then telling the yoga that it would
be a million years to which the dancer smiled and said 'wonderful' and
that day his work was completed.

It strikes me that these four brief threads of talk cover such a
range of things that perhaps our talk too joined that deep human
conversation during the secret night of Time in which all is turned
round and round and seen in the light of the gifts of God...
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