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"SEEKING AND FINDING" Bernhard Welte's funeral oration for Martin Heidegger.

the text is at:
This will be I suppose of interest,if they do not know it already,
to people like myself who have some interest in Heidegger. But
perhaps also to anyone interested in Christian response to it in
particular and to philosophy in general. Welte was a priest and
philosopher and acquaintance of Heidegger who had asked him to
officiate at and preach at his funeral and this is that. As I say
I think it may interest some, perhaps a good many.
I am not learned in philosophy, have read a little here and there and
of the 20th century philosophers I would give Gabriel Marcel, Simeon
Frank, F.H.Bradley as the ones I have,can one say,enjoyed. Agreed with
Frank Dobbs yesterday that one wouild have personally liked Wittgenstein
and I respect his work but it goes beyond my capabilities or also
perhaps interests.
with Heidegger it is the poetic qualities that I most easily like...
the man I am doubting I would have found good company? seems lacking in
humor for one thing...and seemingly of course had the blind or numb
spots which led to whatever degree of association to the Nazis that he
had. now the easy poetic is in the meditation 'woodland paths' or in
the star marking the well by his hut in the high forest...
the harder is in words like this quoted by Fr.Welte:

"Death is the shrine of the Nothing
that is of that which in every respect never
a mere being but which comes to a presence
indeed as the mystery of Being itself.
As the shrine of the Nothing death shelters
within itself the Coming-to-presence-of-Being
as the shrine of Nothing
death is the shelter of Being."


"the presentness which must first be appropriated
of the hidden fulness which is already."

It is an oracular tone... like that of the PreSocratics. I remarked
yesterday that if we knew Heidegger preciesely as we know Heraclitus
as an ancient of whom only fragments remained, I wonder if his work
and reputation might not be clarified in real ways.to hear him just as
a vatic poet of a lost time...

anyway this link ...
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