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From a new akathist by Frank Dobbs for Pentecost

The image is a photo I took yesterday at Stonecrop Gardens.

Sunday is Pentecost, in some way the center of the Christian year.
This is from a draft, subject to revision, by poet and photographer
(www.sidewalkshadows.com )Frank Dobbs, of a new akathist(cycle of
verses on a theme for use in eastern churches) "To the Spirit of God."
again this is just a draft...

"From "Akathist to the Spirit of God"(draft)

Comforter,Paraklete, noiseless wind of heaven,
Luminous,invisible, ever bounteous blessing,
Impalpable being, bright blinding shadow,
Silent lightning of the immortal presence,
Thunder without echo, darkness of daylight
Radiance of shadow and Spirit of God,

Sunless and fatherless in daylight darkness
That's what life would be--hideous and grieving
If you were not near me, comforting,briniging warmth
Everywhere I look are hints of your presence,
A flower ,if stripped bare of matter and being
Would shine like a star, even a pebble
Would blossom with impossible beauty,
And we ourselves would shine forth like a million suns,
O Spirit, be near me

Frank Dobbs."

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June 3 2014, 18:17:21 UTC 10 months ago

Thank you for the thought.