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This is a photo from the pond outside... The algae on the surface add something,
not perhaps making it Monet's garden at Givenchy, but making it... well just the
pond I see every day and here shared with you.
Now two items. The first from Dr.Albert Raboteau (a fellow lover of the poet
Robert Lax)
"Think of the freedom, in a world of bondage, a word expelled from Eden; the
freedom of the priest, the artist, and the acrobat. In a world of men condemned to
earn their bread by the sweat of their brows, the liberty of those who, like the
lilies of the field, live by playing. For playing is like wisdom before the face
of the Lord. Their play is praise. Their praise is prayer. This play, like the
ritual gestures of the priest, is characterized by grace; heavenly grace unfolding,
flowering and reflected in the physical grace of the player.For we are all wanderers
on the earth, and pilgrims. We have no permanent habitat here. Our tabernacle must
be in its nature a temporary tabernacle.

We are wanderers on the earth, but only a few of us, in each generation, have
discovered the life of charity, the living from day to day, receiving our gifts
gratefully through grace, and rendering them multiplied, to the giver…"
Robert Lax.

and the second continuing theme of T.S.Eliot and philosopher F.H.Bradley consider
these two quotes which Hugh Kenner pointed up.

"[the Absolute] is timeless, but it possesses time as an isolated aspect, an
aspect which in ceasing to be isolated,loses its specail character. It is there,
but blended into a whole which we cannot realize..."

and (on unmoving Love)

"Timeless and undesiring
Except in the aspect of time
caught in the form of limitation
between un-being and being."
T.S. Eliot.

Today these....
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Beautiful picture! I've never seen such a lovely shot of pond scum :)