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Fr. Alexis Vinogradov asked me to make available my sermon of last
Sunday on Sts.Peter and Paul. It existed in writing as notes on tiny
pieces of note paper which I tossed after use... so it will be a
re-creation and perforce different and further without the occasion
(a baptism and a parish picnic also) it can become something quite
other... but here.
I think there are points of general interest or I would not put it
here...points within the subject that is , not claiming anything for
my words on it. this time I will allow myself to set the thoughts in
number to give each its space.


1.That Peter and Paul closley follow Pentecost is natural because the
outcome of Pentecost, the Church, is always in persons. and in a
'something more'...

2.Just as many figures in the book of Genesis seem to go beyond being
personal and in some way to be archetypes, so too of Peter and Paul
at the beginning of the Church appear as larger than their individualities,
without loss of those. Peter still the passionate man and fisher, Paul the intellectual.
But we may speak of Peter as archetype of the authority and order of the
Church, he holds the keys, he is the rock. in a planetary model of the atom
he could be the nucleus around which the traveling man Paul moves like an
electron. and Paul the archetype of evangelism, teaching ,theology.

3. But this is true, when the Church is the Church and not some shadow
of itself, only in the sense that authority and order are always authority
and order OF LOVE.
so Jesus last questioning of Peter "do you love me more than these[others}..."
so the Church associated to Peter for the times to come is described by
Clement of the early Christians as "the Church which presides in Love."

4.So too with Paul and with theology and evangelism , when it flows form
the words of Corinthians chapter 13 on Love being the source and end of all,
then the Church is the Church and her theology and evangeilsm are theology
of Love and evangelism of Love. without which a theology or a preaching are
as empty and useless as are order and authority. not love as a sentimental
blurring of word or act but love as an impulse and inner life.

5. One might ,of the apostles, in particular see John and Thomas as another
pair of archetypes referring to two other aspects of the fullness of the
John as perhaps contemplation of love and Thomas as knowledge and
clarification of Love. "when John and Thomas are separate the Church
suffers" says Mary in a play by Charles.S. Williams.

6. This completing of one in the other, and both in all, does not of course
stop with Peter and Paul and the early followers of the Way. But it is the
life of the Church in all times and places and will be through all ages ...

7.So Vladimir Soloviev in his "short story of the antichrist" (which
allows itself some of the form of the kind of apocalyptic story common
now in cheap fiction and b movies but has an inner clarity and
intelligence quite independent of that form. this an added note not in
sermon ) finds a final reunion of Christians in the meeting in a wilderness
place of men bearing the gifts of Peter,Paul and John. (perhaps Soloviev
himself was of the school of Thomas I think now, going off the main
thought again. ) but of a final unity realized between persons
completing each other.

8. Now what is important is that each person in the Church, including
the newly baptized of last Sunday now named Max, is meant to share a
uniqueness which is absolute and irreplaceable in history... this means
you or I also have that to share which goes to the complete and final
unity and convergence of all that rises and wakes ...each then touched
by an archetype which however does not come as an alien imposition ,
or possession by an archetype, but by that which is ones own proper
being. the touch which could be called 'touched by an angel'(to refer
again to a B television item) is from beyond but also from within
bringing to full life.

9. The full realization of the person and gift of each man and woman
is the completion of the work begun at Pentecost and continuing on the
path marked early by the lives and legacies of Peter and Paul. We live
towards it in every moment of prayer and in everything we share as
Christians completing each other as we can on the way...


10. The image of Peter and Paul ,within the larger context one might say,
painted by Maria Struve of Paris. to complete these words by passing
into color and light ...

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July 2 2014, 01:29:03 UTC 10 months ago

Thank you for writing it down :)


July 2 2014, 01:37:48 UTC 10 months ago

thank you Katje for being in touch. miss the old days on livejournal
when conversations flourished... I know put things most and first on
facebook... are we friended there? but livejournal seems a more permanent
blog and so some things still here. how are you?


July 2 2014, 02:15:59 UTC 10 months ago

No problem. Life is good, but it's been crazy. We've got three little ones under 5 right now, so taking care of them and trying to make sure the house isn't too much of a hazard, & we've got meals put together fills a lot of time. We're back in the midwest, but we were in Idaho for almost 2 years - gorgeous place; I certainly miss it, but my husband's company went out of business shortly after we left & it's just too far with little kids if you want them to grow up knowing family. In some ways, it was even more remote than being out in Germany, because even to fly, the trip to Spokane was close to 2 hours to begin with.

The churches out there are amazing; St. John the Baptist in Post Falls & Holy Myrrhbearers in Bonners Ferry. (Both Antiochian)

I do have you as a friend on Facebook, but I'm hardly ever on. I guess I never really liked the format of Facebook as much. I'm still in contact with some of the old LJ people, but mostly off LJ.

I certainly had fun singing in the car with you and Fr. Alexis V. and Fr. Michael and Antoine. :) That has still been my only trip out to New York, and since our latest move, I can't find my fridge magnet I got on that trip!


July 2 2014, 02:50:37 UTC 10 months ago

oh thats a pity maybe could find the like but of course
it was a memory of being there and getting it
so you must come east again
gosh you have had a lot going on and how quickly time
goes and now you have 3 children!


July 2 2014, 03:13:00 UTC 10 months ago

Well, it definitely is easier heading out to the East Coast these days. From ID, places like NYC and DC seemed like a whole world away.