+Seraphim (seraphimsigrist) wrote,


Thinking of a friend's, John N.H.Perkins', birthday these lines
from Dylan Thomas "On His Birthday" written on the poet's
35th birthday.

"love unbolts the dark

And freely he goes lost
In the unknown, famous light of great
And fabulous, dear God.
Dark is a way and light is a place,
Heaven that never was
Nor will be ever is always true,
And, in that brambled void,
Plenty as blackberries in the woods
The dead grow for His joy.

There he might wander bare
With the spirits of the horseshoe bay
Or the stars' seashore dead,
Marrow of eagles, the roots of whales
And wishbones of wild geese,
With blessed, unborn God and His Ghost,
And every soul His priest,
Gulled and chanter in young Heaven's fold
Be at cloud quaking peace..."
Dylan Thomas

the photo taken yesterday of gladiolas and golden rods...red and yellow
from the low end of the spectrum of light where color begins...
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