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Introdutory. This is the text of a story, in a sense a children's
story. read by John Chico Martin and mimed, at the Transfiguration group
retreat at Christ the King Center in Greenwich New York this last weekend
There were 20 present and some words from Brother David of New Skete
introducing the psychological tool, the Jo-Hari Windows, as a parallel,
followed, In the photo Chico reads and Window and Mirror Man are hiding
from the big people behind the piano as mimed by David Kossey and
Grace Moore. Here is the full text I hope you will enjoy in some way
or ways...


Once upon a time, in a forest that was very much like the Green Mountain
forest, two little people were taking an afternoon walk.

I say little people, because they are just big enough. A grown up little
person is the same size as a little boy or a little girl is today.

Little people like being little. They get to do all sorts of things big
people can’t do, like play all day, and one of their favorite games is
hiding from big people. Little people are so good at hiding that big
people never see them.

Another thing about little people that you should know is their names.
Little people have very interesting names. If you should ever discover
any little people, maybe you can figure out their names by looking at
them very carefully.

So, like I was saying, once upon a time, in a forest that was very much
like the Green Mountain forest, two little people were taking an afternoon
walk. The two little people in the forest were brothers, and they were

One was named “Mirror Man,” because he always held a mirror up in front
of his face. The only thing he ever saw was himself! So whenever they
went out walking, he always had to hold onto his brother, to know where
he was going.

His brother always carried a small window with him, which he held up
in front of his face. He was called “Window Man,” and he could see
everything around him perfectly clearly, but he could never see himself!

“Mirror Man” and “Window Man” got along very well and they were very
happy together. Sometimes they would hear big people who strayed into
the forest, and then they would hide. The big people would never discover
them, but “Window Man” would always see them through his window.
Of course, “Mirror Man” would never see them, because he only
saw himself!

This is why both brothers were very surprised on this particular
afternoon to hear a voice up in the trees call down to them.

“Mirror Man,” the voice said, “Window Man, Where are you going?”

“Who are you?” said Mirror Man, and he held onto his brother just
a tad tighter. Window Man was holding his window over his head,
trying to see where up in the trees the voice was coming from.

“I am Wisdom Women,” the voice said,.

“Why can’t I see you?” asked Window Man. “Are you hiding?”

“Oh no, I wouldn’t hide from you,” said Wisdom Woman. “You can’t see me
because I am invisible.”

“Are you a person?” asked Mirror Man,

“Yes I am!” said Wisdom Woman. “I am the Spirit Person of God. I
have been looking out for you since before you were born!”

“Why did you wait so long to discover us?” asked Window Man, who was
still moving his window around in front of his face and looking up
at the trees. Window Man wasn’t sure anything real could be invisible.
He had always thought things were either seen clearly or they were
hidden, so you couldn’t find them.

Wisdom Woman’s voice seemed closer when she answered.

“I waited just the right amount of time for you to learn all there is
to know about being Mirror Man and Window Man,” she said. “Now it’s
time to be born again.”

As she spoke these words, a wind picked up in the trees, and the leaves
all around them started to rattle, and tree branches bent down and
snapped back up, and all of a sudden Mirror Man felt the mirror torn
from his hand and Window Man felt the window torn from his hands and
then the two brothers were standing in the forest without anything to
help them see and no way of knowing their names.

“I’m not Mirror Man anymore,” said one brother.

“I’m not Window Man anymore,” said the other brother.

“What are we going to do now?” they both said.

There was a long pause as the wind fell silent and the trees stopped
snapping and the leaves stopped moving and everything grew still.
Suddenly, big hands reached down and picked them up off the ground.

“Come, Look what we’ve found,” said a big person’s voice. The two
little persons found themselves in the middle of a crowd of big
people, who were all very curious about how little the little
people were and where they had come from.

“What are your names?” the big people asked, and the brothers looked
at each other and laughed.

“We haven’t had time to give ourselves new names,” said the brothers.
Then, and without being at all frightened, they told the big people all
about Wisdom Woman and how they had been saved from mirrors and windows.

They had so much fun telling their story that they decided never again
to hide from the big people. Instead, they built themselves a tree
house and gave themselves new names.

One brother was called “Close To God,” and the other was called “Life
in the Spirit.” The big people just called them “Wisdom’s Twins.”

Today the brothers are known far and wide for being able to see things very
clearly, even some, but not all, invisible things, which is why the big
people say, when you go for a walk in the forest, always keep your eyes
and ears open. You never know when a voice in the trees will want to know
where you are going.

The End

copyright John Garland Chico Martin 2014

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